Sunday, 25 September 2011


Just got back from London and managed to quickly see the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A. Its quite small but FULL of really innovative and impressive things including a beautiful urban picnic table and a crochetdermy bear. Def worth a visit if you're in the area! (and its free yay!)

Also came across the Mexican artist and tattooist Dr Lakra's work. Really like it -

Friday, 23 September 2011

Welcome Home

Hello! I've been wanting to make a little night-time street scene for awhile. Based on Hemingford Road where I live. You can tell our house from the left out wheelie bin and the cat waiting at the door for Stell (and Craig's turkey ham) :)

Its designed to be a card, but I thought i'd include a couple of versions

Spot Ursa Minor! xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Apologies for the neglect blog!
Basically been a workaholic hermit recently. Working 2 jobs trying to save as much money as I can before I go to Thailand! Going for a month in October. I'll be taking my sketchbook of course and a couple of cameras.
Apart from working like a trooper I've been visiting Simon in Hertfordshire and helping out (well he puts up with me hanging around :) . I've been mainly on pheasant duty and helping to make 'disposable taxidermy' for films.
A Reeve's Pheasant. Its tail feathers are amazingly long, really pretty plumage

 Some of Simon's work