Friday, 26 October 2012

Meet Cliff, my new roomie.

Now I have someone to talk to when I'm working at my desk for hours on end!

...he doesn't say much though

Monday, 15 October 2012

Cult Media

Mad travelling, train waiting day today.
Got back safe to Cambridge though and Im now geeking out watching Game of Thrones and new episodes of Merlin (my Tv tastes are worse than my music)
Finishing off designs for CULT MEDIA MAGAZINE's new logo. 

My brief was pretty simple, but the first sketches needed to be more dark and grungey to reflect the type of magazine Cult Media is. 
So back at home I got all my old Kerrangs out for inspiration.

Designing good type/a logo is actually pretty hard.. I think its cause as an Illustrator I want people to know that that is my work, whereas here I needed to make something that was completely someone elses..
My fav is

Anyway, I got carried away and made this ultra cheesy font thing as well.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Yesterday I met the team behind FLACK. A monthly magazine made and sold by the homeless community of Cambridge.
They were celebrating their 1 year anniversary when I arrived, I was basically a stranger but they made me feel so so welcome.

I canny wait to get involved!

check it out -

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So happy!

I received 2 of the nicest and most unexpected gifts yesterday. The first was from a friend and colleague at the library. A knitted Jackalope! Its so frickin' cool.
He is now the official mascot of my desk/Guardian of the paintbrushes!

 The second was from a local at The Emperor pub.
I love insects, especially moths, beetles and butterflies and will happily talk about them to anyone that'll listen. Last month I was sign painting at the pub and got talking to a collector/dealer. He told me about the Entomology Trade Fair in London (that I unfortunately couldn't make because of work)
We talked about insects, taxidermy and things for ages.
Yesterday he came into the pub and left this for me!
Its a Death's Head hawk Moth and absolutely beautiful.
He even hand made the frame.

I am so touched and happy, both the moth and the Jackalope are now 2 of my favourite things.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Freshers lurgy

Im ill in bed again for another night, watching programmes on Capitalism and basically wanting to give up on life.
I am however finally drawing cat sketches for the Black Cat Cafe's bar painting

Ive also been listening to the music my friend has posted on his new website. 
Check it out -