Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So happy!

I received 2 of the nicest and most unexpected gifts yesterday. The first was from a friend and colleague at the library. A knitted Jackalope! Its so frickin' cool.
He is now the official mascot of my desk/Guardian of the paintbrushes!

 The second was from a local at The Emperor pub.
I love insects, especially moths, beetles and butterflies and will happily talk about them to anyone that'll listen. Last month I was sign painting at the pub and got talking to a collector/dealer. He told me about the Entomology Trade Fair in London (that I unfortunately couldn't make because of work)
We talked about insects, taxidermy and things for ages.
Yesterday he came into the pub and left this for me!
Its a Death's Head hawk Moth and absolutely beautiful.
He even hand made the frame.

I am so touched and happy, both the moth and the Jackalope are now 2 of my favourite things.