Saturday, 5 November 2011

A recommended local Adventure

So! I survived the floods and got back to England!
AMAZING trip, completely fell in love with Thailand.

In summary -  Rode elephants, fell asleep on the front of a boat, learnt to ride a motorbike (sortof), snorkeled round James Bond islands, got really sick, met tigers, visited the Opium museum, spent a day in Laos getting accosted by begging children and drinking snake whiskey, got searched by the Thai police, hired a jeep car and motorbike, saw a snake show, got an ridiculous Thai massage, visited the hill tribes, swam in a thunderstorm, ate insects, wore a wig, cycled round historical parks, saw a couple of art exhibitions, sung karaoke, watched 14 yr old Thai boxers (eeek), nearly converted to Buddhism, tried fresh crab for the first time and danced on the bar with Thai prostitutes.
Thailands pretty cool!

Uploading all my pics slowly onto my flickr!

PLUS while I was out there I received an email saying that my work had been picked to be in the LMNOP calendar competition! Completely unexpected. Sent off the work just before I left to catch my plane. The actual picture didn't take me long to do at all. I really enjoyed being limited to 3 colours, which I think i'll def do again for another brief.
My biggest problems when making an image is a) distractions (obviously) and b) having too many options and ideas. I always want to try everything at once in a multitude of ways which ends in not knowing which one to use and taking ages to choose.
The calendar is out end of November. Literally cannot wait to see all the other entries and to find out which month I was given.
Thankyou very much LMNOP!