Saturday, 10 December 2011


My Christmassy Cards are now being sold in various places in Cambridge! Including Urban Larder, The Empress, The Emperor and now Etsy

I wanted to attach a little bag of tea to each one but that was going to end up being too expensive. I think they turned out quite well anyway and they're selling better than I thought they would!

The cards are handprinted from lino with water based inks and therefore each one is slightly different :)

If you fancy sending one of my cards this year (and making me very happy) my Etsy is -
O is for OWL

On another note. I recently upgraded my phone and on the hunt for some decoration i came across this site, Groovemade
They are a group of illustrators that make beautiful engraved cases from bamboo. Ive fallen in love with the 'Octopuses' design by Mike Lowery, and the 'Acid in Wonderland' by Patswerk is pretty cute too. Though at $109 each, i shall only dream!