Monday, 14 May 2012

Ive been so so busy recently, moving house.
Managed to pop along to Gunther von Hagens exhibition at the Natural History Museum last week though. He really is completely mad, Simon says his wife is even worse! haha
Sneaky iphone pic

Visited Simon the other day actually, he had his usual menagerie of exotic animals. Met another taxidermist from Holland aswell, he was a really really nice chap. The more time I spend there the more it tempts me away from illustration.. Im going back tomorrow as my friend is giving me a Bearded Dragon. So stoked, never stuffed a lizard before.. ANYWAY im waffling.

On an end side note, I was meant to go to Belgium this weekend to see friends but now I cant go. Absolutely gutted. Hopefully the lizard will cheer me up.. hmph

Snake birds