Saturday, 29 December 2012

The light was frozen, dead, a ghost

So I'm back in Cambridge!
ho ho ho

When I was back and visiting fam we were looking through old albums (Christmas entertainment) and came across these.
A Brown's camera was confiscated from a Nazi during WW2 by an English soldier who recognised the English camera make.
The camera got developed later on and these were the photographs.

I really liked them. Some of the photographs are really lovely + Its like a sneak look into the life of a Nazi during WW2

Mike (my uncle in law) had a historian look at them.
Apparently its during Field Marshal Montgomery and Field Marshal General Erwin Rommel's time
Some photos are in Crete and North Africa and Germany.

Massive photo overload, apologies (and just for the record, I'm obviously not a secret Nazi sympathiser)