Thursday, 18 December 2014


So Ive just had my first job interview for English teacher position in Barca
It went really well (even though I was insanely tired), and not half as terrifying as I'd built myself up to believe!
…and I got the job!


Ive joined 'Good Reads'
A great website for keeping track of your books, book discussions, 
and suggestions.
Now that I have a kindle, I miss having a book shelf
so this is a nice substitute

If anyone reading this has a Good Reads account, 
I'd love to have a look at your suggestions!
Follow me here - 
My Good Reads page


I've also decided to start sketching in my sketchbook again.
It's been a shamefully long time since I've done this and I'm living in such a lovely place now..
it would be shame not to.

I read (I think on Meg Hunt's blog) the suggestion of keeping a sketchbook and only using one
medium for it.
I think this is a great idea and forces you to work in way that perhaps you haven't tried before
(One of my biggest problems is indecision)
I've also got a few weeks to kill before the school terms start!

Valparaiso sketchbook 2013