Monday, 27 February 2012

Hello blog!

   Ive had so much good news recently! Last week I received an email from the Press and New Media Manager of 'Nineteen Seventy Three' just to say that the Marketing Director was really impressed with the pheasant I made for them. He wants to use it on their website and brochure and is also sending me a gift box of 1973 products. For some reason it made me really happy, that someone had gone out of their way to say they liked my work. You hear so much about being unappreciated and 'don't work for free', it was lovely to have some nice feedback. It also means I can make more birds!

    Then a few days later I got news that my design had been chosen for the 2012 Cambridge Folk Festival! So bloody happy. I'm not sure if I should take it offline... but I'll leave it up for the time being.

    Started my new job in the Library today. Had such a great day! Everyone I met was so so lovely and friendly. Can't wait to go back tomorrow. Ive already got my mug in the staff tea room ;D

Best put some illustration in here somewhere... 

Mark Hearld, your work is amazing

As is yours Owen Gatley!