Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Quick update

Hello! Just a quick update on what Ive been getting up to..
Still settling into my new job at the library. Apart from completely messing up some role play training and an awkward incident where I got caught foraging in the bin (dropped a tea spoon and didn't fish it out in time) its going really well. There's so much to learn which I love.
You students don't realise what goes on beneath the calm surface of a university library!

Ive also been painting the chalk boards and a small banner sign at my local pub. Its a nice excuse to mess about with type and colours.

Colour version of the pencil design

The banner ended up not quite fitting so its slightly different than my original design, bit sad that I had to lose alot of the oak branches around the edge.
Im also going to make a small collection of paper birds. Not sure if this is wise idea when I should be spending my time making illustrations that will hopefully get me a job, but I think it will be fun. I might be able to sell a few aswell. They're going to be displayed at a small exhibition/music night at St Pauls in May.
 I'll post more pics once I get started :)