Thursday, 15 March 2012

The truth about drinkers...

Hallo! So I meant to do a quick editorial illustration a few days ago but then I ended up dressing in a home-made sari, going to London and having a pretty mental weekend.
I stuck to my 3 day rule and started this on Monday night. Don't really like it t'be honest, but I had a time limit to stick to.. The pencil looked really nice, then I coloured it in... then it didn't look right. I could've saved myself a whole lotta bother and done the majority on the computer and added in some pencil marks.. but hey ho, all good practice!

For some reason I'd remembered the article being about over 65 yr olds, not 45. When I came to add the picture to the article I realised my mistake. So if all the chappys look abit old, thats why. I also wanted their skin to be more orangey but they've all turned out rather pink :/

Anyway! Here it is. If you did want to read the article its HERE. (I promise it really was chosen at random) I'll do a couple more editorial pictures I think, but this week i'm sort of busy with real work! *Gasp*